Tim Nobody And Lindsay Yeager Tim Nobody and Lindsay Yeager
(allhousemusic.com/Hijacked Records - Detroit, MI)
Tim Nobody's passion for music goes back almost further then he can remember. Exposed to music at the early age of 7 by some older neighborhood kids, Tim was bit by the music bug and has yet to cease playing music. Playing bass in numerous bands during his teens and twenties, Tim honed his skills, which further intensified his love for making and playing music. Tim now spends the majority of his time in the studio and spinning with his partner Lindsay Yeager. With Tim and Lindsay both living in and working very intimatley in the city of Detroit, they use that energy to help develop their take on house music. Drawing influences from many sources such as the city of Detroit, rock, jazz, classical, old school hip-hop, poetry, political speeches, t.v. commercials, kids songs or conversations with friends, these two are at no loss for inspiration. With a high work ethic and complimentary styles, the duo of Tim Nobody and Lindsay Yeager is proving to be a creative and productive endeavor.
Lindsay Yeager's interest in music was developed and encouraged by her father, who spent countless hours educating her about the many classic rock artists that came before her time. She began to create music at the age of 12 after her elementary school band instructor exposed her to the saxophone. For the next five years she spent many hours learning to read music and she became adept at playing alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Lindsay was first exposed to electronic music in 1995, becoming fully submerged in the culture in 1998 when she moved to the city of Detroit. In the fall of 2000, she purchased her first turntables and a mixer. She honed her musical talent over the next few years with the guidance of several close friends and respected DJs. She is known to work her records and the mixer both confidently and aggressively. After getting her first booking, she has not looked back since. Living in Detroit has helped to shape and mold Lindsay.s musical tastes. The style she has developed contains elements of funky house, tech house, minimal house, and techno. While seamlessly blending each of these styles together, her music has been described as .gritty., .dirty. and .tough. and has been drawing attention from house and techno music lovers alike. In 2003, Lindsay and her partner, Tim Nobody, began producing original house music tracks. The future looks bright for this complimentary team, as they continue to produce the music they both love.

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