Pulaski Park
Pulaski Park Franchise Player, Casa Del Sol, Blue Iguana, Allhousemusic
Some of Pulaski Parks's tracks have been removed as they are now up for sale on stompy.com and other places.
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Pulaski Park (DJ Greg P. and Jim Docktor) have been around the music scene for years. Greg is originally from Ripon, WI. and Jim or Doc is from Buffalo, NY. Dj Greg P. has played events all around the U.S. including Chicago, Toronto, St. Louis, Phoenix and had residencies in Denver. Doc played events in Buffalo, Toronto, San Francisco and had residencies in West Palm Beach, FL. Their various musical influences stem from jazz, that warm disco sound/R-n-B sound, a variety of 80s music and a bunch of different producers. They started producing tracks as a team about 3 years ago. Over this period of time they have gradually cleaned and defined their sound, which is deep Techy house music you can feel that is funky and thick.
With new releases on Casa De Sol, Allhouse, and Blue Iguana music, you can expect to see these two spinning tunes in platforms and polyester at a gas-n-sip near you. Make sure to check the BlOG section for any new release updates and industry feedback.

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Listen to their tracks by selecting here:
Pulaski Park - Moons Over Miami
Pulaski Park - On My Mind
Pulaski Park - Get Me Sum
Pulaski Park - Play it till ya hate it

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