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Joey Bickle (Gravy LA/
Bickle got kicked out of Pittsburgh not because of his flashy leather jacket, but because he took a shit on some guy's car. Ask him about it.
We found him in the seedy ghetto that was El Toro at a time when Hollywood was in high season. Back then, you wouldn't say that Bickle discovered the house scene so much as you'd say that he had several drunken altercations with it. Joe has since become more pragmatic about what happens when he has a case of Gray Goose under his belt, which has been good for spinning records and managaing Gravy.
Bickle describes his sound as nasty-neo-retro-tech-dark-boogy house. His sets run the gamut, although I'd tell you that he scours a corner of the house world that has always been to the right of California DJs, and a tick more fun.
check out for gravy news, mixes, and other crap. -Bickle

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