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Evan Rhodes can be described by one word: Pioneering. Coming from a musical background in the northern suburbs of Detroit, he picked up a guitar at an early age. From there he learned the keys, and soon after, discovered the art of DJing. What sets him apart from the pack is the way he incorporates all these things together to give him his unique and signature sound. He has taken DJing and moved it up a notch by adding a smooth blend of live guitar and synthesizers, over glitchy, funky house music.

Evan landed his first residency in 1998 at the Velvet Lounge, home to such world renowned greats as Terrance Parker and DJ Godfather. It was here that he polished his skills as a DJ and learned what it meant to be in control of a crowd. Since then, his skills have brought him everywhere from Chicago, to New York, to Toronto, showing people what the energy of a Detroit-bred artist is all about.

Evan.s Production work landed him a write-up in Billboard magazine and a nomination for a Detroit Music Award. He has released 2 e.p.s a handful of singles, and a 12., as well as a slew of mix CD.s . Currently he is in his new recording studio working on a full length album slated for release in 2006, so keep an eye on this self-taught multi-instrumentalist as he is poised to take the electronic music world by storm.
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